When his family made fun of him for being lost in books, he would read in the closet.

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A painting show

A video in the stye of a comic strip

“Vladia Brooks kneads bread in the same spot that her father, Vladimir Nevl, kneaded bread for almost 50 years.”

An article about a Czech family restaurant

A video in the style of a tarot deck

An article with a dancing lobster

An exhibition catalogue

“One publishes to find comrades.”

A class assignment about publishing

An online viewing room

A magazine about hitchhiking

“The original meaning of the word ‘comprehension’ is ‘to grasp, to seize something with the hands and hold it tight...’”

A class assignment about hands

A website with a sunset cam

“My grandmother, who is a potter, always insisted that she makes ceramic vessels, not art.”

A personal essay

A text about fostering cats

A circular music player

@nytimes Instagram

An article about the MTA map

“The litter box may have brought us physically closer to our feline companions, but that doesn’t mean we understand them any better than when they lived mostly outdoors.”

An essay about cat litter

An artist book

A website about medieval animal trials

“One publishes to find comrades.”

A class assignment about collecting images

A video made of cartoon screenshots

A video featuring Taylor Swift

“The Women’s Mountain Bike and Tea Society wants to rub out the image of mountain biking as an extreme sport.”

An article about a feminist bike collective

A website that uncovers alt-text

Interviews with artists who do it for the love of it

A series of artist interviews

“Telling time, taking time, keeping time, time out, time to kill, time is money, time is on my side, race against the clock, ahead of time, a stitch in time, a hard time, buy time, big-time, and so on.”

A class assignment about time

Editorial illustrations

A set of animated icons

A website with the color eigengrau

“When all the other mothers wore heels, stockings and hair spray, Esther would come to events with no stockings, no hairspray and no heels.”

An obituary

A book that spans the life of a pencil

“Parasite. noun. par·​a·​site ˈpar-ə-ˌsīt. : an organism living in, with, or on another organism in order to obtain nutrients, grow, or multiply often in a state that directly or indirectly harms the host.“

A class assignment about web extensions

“Browsing the web, what you see can be described as a series of containers, some seen and some unseen.”

A class assignment about containers

Editorial illustrations

An article seen through windows

A stereoscopic anthology

A website made of stairs

A magazine in the style of a manila folder

A website about climate crisis

A video featuring FKA twigs

A series of one minute videos

A website that is also a rebus

A series of digital billboards

Teaching sites made with google docs

A website with an auto-generated pattern

An video with animated emojis

“The ghost of Annie’s brother was said to go into the pantry for a drink every night at 10 o’ clock.”

An article about a haunted house

“When his family made fun of him for being lost in books, he would read in the closet.”

An obituary

An artist book

A newspaper fold

A video in the style of a ransom note